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We are clearly in need of a new o/s. World 5.0 is this o/s, grounded Here, in this Life We Share now and always. We heal ourselves, we heal our Earth.

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World 5.0 recognizes that Life is Tao. Eternal Awareness and Infinite Energy, co-mingling only in this precious moment of time. Further, our intent powers our experience. The choice we are making now, fear or Love, is driving how we think and feel.

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Lose the false narratives that enslave us. Let go the fear. Find your authentic self Here in the only place in time that exists. We so welcome you…

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Welcome to World 5.0, our new o/s.


Jim Prues

I found this idea of World 5.0 back in 2004. Since then I've been learning more and more about who and where we are. The time is now, the answer is always Love.